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GeMLoc - for people who like fast code and fast coding

GeMLoc - a Generator of Minimal Localization. This is a Freeware and Open Source tool for software developers in C/C++, which helps to localize application for using several languages with minimal cost of code execution. Tool works so that the process of coding suffers minimal cost compared to writing code without localization. By ideology this tool is an evolution of the concept of well-known library 'gettext' in the direction of accelerated performance and code writing.

Two examples demonstrate effectiveness of GeMLoc.

Example 1. Speed of writing code:

- That is in the process of writing code the programmer type "magic prefix" before the literal ('LC' in this example, while the other may be) and ... continues to type the code further, without being distracted by thought that this literal should be copied somewhere, the ID for it must be preserved, etc. In this example GeMLoc similar to 'gettext', where the programmer would have typed: _("my string") and would continue to write code without being distracted. Later, in any convenient day the programmer runs the script with a call GeMLoc, which automatically performs all "unskilled labour", looking for the literals marked with magic prefixes, replacing them, inserting the desired variable declaration, creation of the necessary files, etc.

Among other things, the script makes a substitution:

Example 2. Speed of execution code:

- Here LC__Hello_world is a variable of type const char * (as permitted const wchar_t *, and QString). That is, an array of characters (const char []) converted into a pointer to character (const char*). There is no function call which was carried out to search by ID, index, or string. There was a variable of type string and the variable of almost the same type was remained. With GeMLoc you can for all forget about doubts: "If application will slow down on the large number of strings? How about optimization?" There do not need to optimize, because nothing to optimize.

GeMLoc has many useful features. Here are two for example: he tells the programmer which strings are no longer needed (the guarantee that the outdated rubbish will not be included to release) and the tells to translator how many strings and which languages need to be translated.

GeMLoc is "friendly" with ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode, Qt, RC, Windows and Unux.